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Dashcoin Miner


 How To Mine


Start the Miner by clicking “Start Mining!”.

Do not navigate away from or refresh the page while mining or you will lose profits.

You must maintain a session without interruption to at least 550000000(550M) Hashes.


Very helpful tips on maximizing your earnings and increasing mining speed can be found on the Mining Tips page.


Once you are done mining(above 550000000 hashes) pause the miner.

Pause the miner by clicking the pause button within the miner.


Look at your TOTAL in the miner and type the number exactly as it is in the “Total Hashes” box

After this, a box asking for your address will pop up. Enter your payment address in this box.

Finally you will be asked for your email address, this is to notify you in case we find an error with your session or are unable to complete payment for some reason.


Congrats on receiving payment!

By now you know how powerful the CoinHole mining system is, and you will continue mining with your devices, investing in the program, and helping others find our awesome program.