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 Why Donate? provides a fluid user experience for individuals all over the world to easily mine the cryptocurrency of their choice on any device, all free of charge.

This opportunity creates revenue streams for thousands daily all across the globe.


Our platform will ALWAYS be free and will be AD FREE as well.  This ensures trust and validity to the community.

Not only that but it helps us speed up payout time as well.


We give all but 5% of profits  generated by our miners to the users.

That 5% generally goes towards server costs, with excess going towards backup funds and bonuses.

Donations will help maintain this backup fund and allow CoinHole to take it’s miners to the next level with higher payouts, faster payment processing along with development and further advertising.


Everyone benefits when you donate, especially yourself.

CoinHole was created by 2 developers.

With nearly all revenue generated currently going back into the site we still have to continue our daily lives of finding work.

Donations make up for what we would earn from freelancing, with the time being dedicated to developing further on CoinHole.US


Further development helps us bring more cryptocurrencies to our miners and more features to the system as a whole.

Growth allows us to help ourselves.

The greater the number of devices running our miners the higher we will be able to payout.

Advertising on the right networks and through the right methods is key to growth online, but good advertising comes at a cost.

Partial of excess funding goes towards the marketing of CoinHole and it’s miners.

These are the two currencies we deal with the most on a daily bases across numerous areas of our work including but not limited to advertising, development, server costs, and testing.

We may add new currencies in the future.

Thank You Donors!

The list below is dedicated to all our donors. Thank you for your contributions.
  • Nakita S.
  • Bradley S.