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Yes you can use our miners on your own devices for free, always & forever.


As for legitamacy:

  • We pay our users on the 1st of every month as long as they have requested payout before 30 days prior.
  • We don’t have ads. None, Nada, Zilch.
  • We’re the only hybrid cross platform miner of our kind, thank you very much.


Please make sure you have javascript enabled.

Also make sure you have your adblocker turned off.

If the problem persists it might be your antivirus, so try pausing your antivirus while mining.


If the problem continues after trying the above contact us HERE

Within 30 days of request.

To maximize your earnings and receive payout regularly try using multiple devices, check out our suggestions on the Mining Tips page to achieve this.


And you can run them on unlimited devices.

With smart detect the miners communicate and diverse your computing power between each other when open on the same device.

If you are mining on a low end computer it is advised to run only one miner.

To maximize your device use and mining options check out our Tips page HERE


We offer a 223% annual return on all investments over $500(USD)

You can find our investment form HERE


Yes you can!

You can find our donation addresses HERE

We can see why someone would think them similar, but there’s actually quite a few differences between Investing & Renting Resources.


Investments take much longer to mature and have 228% profits on top of higher investments.

Broken down:

  • Longer wait period(1-5 years)
  • Higher investment options
  • Greater Profits


Renting Resources is more compact in investment ammounts, have, and are quick on returns(45 days).

Broken down:

  • Smaller investment options
  • Higher profits
  • Faster turnarounds(45 days)


The similarity between the two is that they both guarantee profits.



If you’re the type that likes to build your assets and settle for the long haul investing is right for you, consider it a savings account on steroids.

If you’re the fast lane type and like to profit steadily(if you continually invest) then renting resources is the best route to go.