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Getting Started

Welcome to

Here you can mine your favorite cryptocurrency right from your browser, on any device, for free.

Our platform is available to every country around the world with our payout amounts remaining the same for everyone, equally. Our reflected payout value is $(USD).


This guide will help you understand cryptocurrency better, as well as the value of our platform to the community.


Cryptocurrencies are digital assets designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currency. Cryptocurrencies are classified as a subset of digital currencies and are also classified as a subset of alternative currencies and virtual currencies.

In lamen terms  cryptocurrencies are assets(basically money) that hold value and can only be accessed by the wallet holder.  The value of the “coins” can change over night some like Bitcoin achieving a value of $6000.00+ per a single bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies have many outlets where they can be exchanged for physical currency.

Mining is the production + processing  of any cryptocurreny.

The process is used to not only breaks blocks to bring more of the cryptocurrency into circulation, but also to process the transactions made by individuals sending and receiving those cryptocurrencies,

Mining the traditional way is not recommended even for personal computers and would require expensive hardware plus advanced computer knowledge, however miners can mine on ANY DEVICE SAFELY. allows users to mine popular cryptocurrencies safely on any device that supports javascript.


All you need is a wallet and you’re ready to mine on our platform.

A wallet is where you store your cryptocurrency.

We have suggested a few below and will add to this list as we add more cryptocurrencies to the platform.

Please keep in mind we are not affiliated with these organizations and our recommendation come from personal experience.


Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum Wallet


Coinbase is online, reliable, and very secure. Best of all it has three cryptocurrency wallets all in one place which can all be converted to the physical currency of your choice and transferred to your bank.


Dogecoin Wallet is the best source for everything Dogecoin, including wallets and how to exchange them to physical currency.


Dashcoin wallet is the best source for everything Dashcoin, including wallets and how to exchange them to physical currency.


Peercoin Wallet is the best source for everything Peercoin, including wallets and how to exchange them to physical currency.


Zcash Wallet is the best source for everything Zcash, including wallets and how to exchange them to physical currency.

Users will always be able to mine on for free.

Just select the miner of your choice from the miners tab in the menubar.

Once on the miner page click “Start Mining!” and your device will begin, be sure not refresh or navigate away from the tab and follow the instructions on the page.

If the Miner does not show or does not start please check our FAQ page.

Once done you fill out the form below the miner and enter your wallet address as well as a bit of info for your safety, you can then mine again or explore more options of earning more with our program on the mining tips page.

Investing in is simple and much more rewarding than mining alone, with low minimum investment options availble and two ways of investing.

We’ve implemented an extensive referral program to reward Affiliates for everything that can be done on


Affiliates earn 5% for life for each of their referrals’

  • Mining Earnings
  • Investments
  • Rented Resources
  • Donations

Learn more on the Referral Program page.