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 Why Invest?

Greater payouts bring more dedicated users.

The longer the session the greater the reward. Funding will also help relieve payout load allowing us to process payouts sooner further building user morale.

All in this process we will build further upno our platform securing ourselves for the future even after the return on your Investment.


Our end goal is to have a platform that mines all cryptocurrencies new and old.

Achieving these results will take 10’s of thousands of hours of coding for just 2 developers, especially with new cryptocurrencies hitting the market regularly.

Funding will be applied to research and development to bring more core features and cryptocurrencies to the platform broadly increasing users and retention.

Funding + Marketing + More Users + More Cryptocurrencies = Multiplying Profits

Investors walk away with an annual 228% share of those profits.


Growth allows us to help ourselves.

One could say our platform sells itself by the key fact that we are the only operating platform that allows it’s users to mine cryptocurrencies on any device with a web browser, we just need help getting it out there on screens across the world.


Partial investor funding will goto commercial production, video ads, and mobile ads targeting users who have/had an interest in cryptocurrency.


Long term users and user retention is bare necessity to our platform we will achieve this through platform features, coin diversity, and user engagement.


We aim to take CoinHole to great heights with quality features, functionality, and a snazzy design holding it all together for the user’s viewing pleasure..


All in all growth of the platform works hand in hand.

More users = more profits

More cryptocurrenies = more profits

More features = more profits

Then it comes full circle to the investor for making it all happen. Good job everyone.