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Mining Tips

A VPS is a virtual private server and can come very cheap and run 365. can run on any platform where javascript is enabled.

Even better is that you can deploy multiple VPSs and run the miners on each individual one.

Some of our top miner users have a VPS for each cryptocurrency we offer to maximize their profits, for some they have multiple instances for the same coin.

Some running 100’s…



Alternatively if VPSs are out of your price range, you have no idea what you’re doing, or you are just one of those people who like things done for you(yeah you) we got what you need over at our Rent Resources page.

A lot of us have extra old phones or computers laying around.

Those unused devices could be paying your bills and more. can run on any platform or device that has javascript enabled. This includes(but not limited to) all models of smart phone, tablets, laptops, computers, and new gen game consoles with browsing capabilities.

You can mine on an unlimited number of devices.

Coinhole can even run in the background on devices you already leave on 24/7.


We’re not going to lie.

Mining on a phone or tablet is slow, but can be done which is beneficial in the long run.

Mining on high end phones and tablets will achieve better results.


Make sure you leave the phone/tablet on charge while mining.

Make sure you don’t have an app that will kill your browser.


Going to go ahead and put this here.

Once we launch the Android app for we will reduce the payout requirement tremendously, however this drop will be exclusive to the Android app and Android users.  Look forward to that and more great features from


Throttling is a key feature of our Miners.

You can adjust the number of threads(typically the cores of the device) and speed at which your device solves hashes.



Thread count is the amount of power you will allow the miner to use of your device, generally this is the amount of cores on the device multiplied by two.

If you don’t know your core/thread count that is ok.

Here’s how to find your maximum thread count with the CoinHole Miner(s):

  • Step 1 – Start the miner and Start with 1 thread
  • Step 2 – Start to increase your threads(You will notice your Hashes per second increasing)
  • Step 3 – Once you get to the thread that generally has the same Hashes per second as the previous thread, the previous thread should be recognized as your maximum thread count.


If you’re mining on a device that you use regularly and want to mine in the background I suggest using half of your maximum thread count or adjusting speed.



Speed is the rate the miner will solve the hashes with the power(threads) you have allowed it.

This can help if you want to allow the miner maximum power at the cost of a slower hash solving rate.

So you and your crew want to prospect the digital frontier? You’re in the right place, and banding together yields greater profits.


Take the other tips and apply them with groups of friends.


The greater amount of people mining on CoinHole = higher payouts, more bonuses, and faster updates.


People who mine together, stay together.