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Referral Program

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Our Miners are free to use and always will be, and they work on most devices with JavaScript enabled. Everyone likes free, and no one can deny free money.

90 Day Cookies

When a user clicks your referral link they have 90 days to request their first payout or Invest/Rent/Donate. Once they have done one of the 4 they will be a referral for life.

5% for life

Once a user is your referral you will get 5% of all their mining earnings, and 5% of all they spend on Investments, Renting Resources, and Donating for life.
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Referral Program FAQ

Our default payment method for Affiliates is Paypal, so your payment email will be your Paypal email.

Yes you can however there are requirements. For Paypal payment the minimum payout amount is $25(Shown in the Affiliate area)

To request payout under a special method you must meet the minimum payout amount for the respective method, the minimum amounts are as follows:

  • Bank Transfer – $100
  • Cryptocurrency(Your Choice) – $50 + 3%(Percentage based on transfer total, Rate may vary based on the requested Cryptocurrency)
  • Online Payment other than Paypal(Payza, Skrill, Google Wallet etc.) – $50

If you prefer one of these alternative payment methods please Contact Us after you have made an affiliate account.


We do not and will not send checks, money orders, or money transfers(moneygram/western union)

All affiliates that have met the Payout minimum by the 1st will receive payment between the 1st and the 3rd.

Affiliates with at least $250 in earnings per week will be eligible for weekly payouts.


If a referral mines and receives payout the referral percentage will reflect in your Affiliate area after we have processed the payment for the mining session.

You will also receive your lifetime percentage as long as the same anonymous user you referred uses the same IP(or uses your ref link again) to mine in the future.


Investing, Renting Resources, and Donating all require the user to be logged in.

Unpaid Referrals: These are referrals who have signed up and have not received payout from mining or have not invested, rented resources, or donated.


Paid Referrals: These are referrals who have received payout from mining or have not invested, rented resources, or donated.


Visits: The number of times your referral link has been visited.


Conversion Rate: The rate at which your referral link has successfully converted a visitor into an active referral.


Unpaid Earnings: The amount that is owed to you.


Paid Earnings: The amount that you have be successfully paid.


Commission Rate: The percentage you receive from you referrals’ earnings/spendings


Campaign: This section only applies if you have generated Named custom links under the Affiliate URLs tab, if you have created campaigns this section will display the individual statistics of each campaign you have created.

There are numerous ways to promote your referral link.

  • Post on Forums and message boards
  • Post on Social Media
  • Post on Social Media groups
  • Make a video and post on video sites
  • Send your link through email
  • Blog your link
  • Post your link on Classified sites


If you’re just posting your ref link and nothing else, you might not get much attraction.

Get creative with what you post, tell people a bit about’s free, works on multiple devices, infinite mining sessions, no download or signup required, etc.) and how it works, and you will surely see referrals flocking in.



Please Note: We do not condone spamming.

If you want to share your link through email that’s fine, but don’t send people an email everyday telling them to signup.

If you don’t have luck posting on forums or classified sites don’t keep making ads on the same site, find another forum or classified site.

Also don’t refer to as “get rich fast”.