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Rent Resources

Guaranteed returns

Bulk servers running 24/7 allow our users to reap multiplied rewards in short time frame of 45 days.

Instant Payments

Renters enjoy an instant payment precisely after calculation of the 45 day period results.

Worry Free

Renters don't have to worry about power use, session interruptions, or mining fees.

Mining on low end devices can take some time, so we here at devised a program for those who want to mine faster without high end devices and technical know-how.


The program is simple.

Clusters of users contribute micro payments towards computing costs and we take care of the rest securing bulk low cost servers, mining with these servers, and dividing the profits amongst the cluster.

There are 50 slots to a cluster and users can buy multiple slots, even entire clusters.

This program allows the user to triple and sometimes quadruple their contribution with a return in their chosen currency.

Our normal 10% fee is waived in this program respectfully.

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